The Ultimate Bitcoin Ecosystem Map: Bitcoin L2s & DeFi

Your comprehensive guide to Bitcoin’s ecosystem, featuring in-depth insights on Layer 2 solutions, DeFi protocols, Ordinals, and supportive wallets and markets.

The Ultimate Bitcoin Ecosystem Map: Bitcoin L2s & DeFi

Unveiling the Bitcoin Ecosystem Map

We’re excited to reveal “The Ultimate Bitcoin Ecosystem Map“. This guide is dedicated to uncovering the depth and breadth of solutions being built on top of the Bitcoin Network, each working to redefine the utility and user experience of the world’s premier blockchain, Bitcoin.

These applications and tools are spotlighted on dedicated pages within our interactive map, complete with detailed backgrounds, key use cases, integrations, and links to additional resources for those looking to dive deeper.

Ultimate Bitcoin Ecosystem Map Bitcoin Layer 2 bitcoin defi
Image capturing the current state of the Bitcoin ecosystem highlighting its different protocols.

Delving into the Vast Bitcoin Landscape

Highlighted within our comprehensive map are:

25+ Bitcoin Layer-2 Solutions

Solutions like Stacks, BEVM, Rootstock, and BOB extend Bitcoin’s capabilities through smart contracts, enabling a myriad of decentralized applications and financial instruments that settle on the Bitcoin network.

25+ DeFi Protocols

Applications such as Interlay, Babylon, BadgerDAO, Orange, and Sovryn, each pioneering new avenues for Bitcoin users to lend, borrow, and trade in fully decentralized ecosystems.

Bitcoin Ordinal Wallets and Exchanges

With the rise of Bitcoin ordinals and inscriptions, our resource breaks down these innovative concepts, explaining their importance and the new functionalities they bring to the Bitcoin network.

We also provide a curated list of wallets and markets embracing these advancements, allowing for an easy and safe user experience for anyone interested in diving into this exciting new space.

A Collective Endeavor

Crafted with care by the DIA DAO community and welcoming outside contributions, “The Ultimate Bitcoin Ecosystem Map” isn’t just a tool—it’s a collaborative project. Reach out to us if you want to propose some changes.

Screenshot of The Ultimate Bitcoin Ecosystem Map
Screenshot of The Ultimate Bitcoin Ecosystem Map. Visit the map below!

Explore the Map Now

Join us as we delve into the innovations propelling Bitcoin into its next chapter of decentralized finance and beyond.

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