Partnership with ZeroSwap

DIA and ZeroSwap join hands to power the ZeroSwap MultiChain DEX Aggregator

Partnership with ZeroSwap

ZeroSwap gets one step closer to making its DEX aggregator a reality

ZeroSwap sets out to develop the ambitious vision of a platform that aggregates DEXs which, by design, allows its users gasless transactions and zero-fee trade. It plans to support multi-chain trades built on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Elrond from a single UI/UX (not cross-chain). The other arms of Zeroswap include Liquidity Mining and DeFi Token Offering which would work in tandem with the DEX Aggregation.

Bringing transparent and verifiable data will be a key for Zeroswap’s success. This is why ZeroSwap has chosen to partner with DIA to provide crypto asset data to Zeroswap through an API and/ or oracle. Relying on DIA’s transparent and open-source data infrastructure will bolster the architecture of the platform and enable an easily scalable source of data.

Aayushi Jain, Co-founder of ZeroSwap says

“Having a credible name like DIA, which has mastered the art of sourcing, supplying and transparently sharing trustworthy data, on our side is a big boost to making a ZeroSwap platform a definite reality. This partnership would also help us be on track with our timelines so that we can be committed to delivering the best of DeFI products to our community and crypto audience at large.”

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