Partnership with Injective Protocol

DIA and Injective Protocol announce a strategic partnership to bring decentralised oracle price feeds to digital asset derivatives traders globally across a diverse array of blockchains.

Partnership with Injective Protocol

Injective aims to bring fast, secure and fully decentralised cross-chain derivatives trading to the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem. One of the crucial building blocks to achieve this mission is a reliable price feed infrastructure to value traded assets. As Injective is decentralised it needs to rely on a diverse range of data price feeds so that traders can make decisions based on accurate and transparent data.

Injective Protocol operates on the Injective Chain which powers their layer-2 derivatives platform. The chain is supported by verifiable delay functions (VDFs), and in the future, Injective will be integrated with Cosmos IBC. The DIA Oracle platform will deliver prices and other data points like circulating supply for various assets. The partnership will allow both companies to reach new audiences, scale effectively, and elevate DeFi users to new levels. In addition, this can enable Injective to further grow its capabilities as it looks to bolster its derivatives products moving forward via the addition of new markets.

DIA will be a major component of the ecosystem that Injective is building within the coming months, delivering its decentralised oracle infrastructure. Users will be able to access real-time, unadulterated, and trustworthy price feeds. DIA’s integration with Injective will not only increase the security and accuracy of Injective markets but will also help Injective improve the user experience for traders worldwide. These users will be able to access that DIA’s built-in price oracle and trust that their price feeds are accurate, real-time, and manipulation resistant. Additionally, given the importance of speed and scalability on exchanges, Injective can assure users that their price feeds are resistant against blockchain congestion and long update times. DIA has the ability and power to match Injective’s scaling and rapid growth moving forward.

Injective Protocol CEO and Co-Founder, Eric Chen says “Through our integration with DIA, we are not only equipping our traders with vital access to reliable price feeds but also providing a future-proof oracle solution as DIA can scale alongside our data needs over time.”

Injective’s integration with the Cosmos IBC supported by VDFs will enable advanced inter-chain DeFi capabilities, security, and scalability to traders worldwide. Thus, DIA will be able to take advantage of Injective’s scalable architecture and leverage Injective reach to traders and users from all over the world and DeFi industry.

DIA CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Weber, believes Injective will be a driver in spreading the reach of DIA’s oracle solutions across novel markets: “Injective will be an invaluable partner as we look to grow the reach of our decentralised oracle solution. We at DIA are excited to work with a pioneer in decentralised cross-chain derivatives trading that can leverage the technology built by DIA.”

Operations will begin soon as Injective Protocol launches its main net in the upcoming months. The development of this partnership will surely help to unlock new roads in the rapidly changing world of DeFi.

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