DIA Designated as the Go-To Oracle Provider for the CrossFi Ecosystem

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the CrossFi ecosystem’s journey, leveraging DIA’s cutting-edge oracle solutions to foster innovation and scalability across a wide array of on-chain applications.

DIA Designated as the Go-To Oracle Provider for the CrossFi Ecosystem

Unleashing New On-Chain Possibilities with DIA Oracles

DIA’s oracle technology is set to unlock unprecedented potential within the CrossFi ecosystem with the deployment of several services from its oracle suite on CrossFi’s Layer 1 Network. Oracle services include a randomness oracle, price feeds for 20,000+ assets including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and LSTs, as well as oracle tools like the DIA Oracle Builder, which enables instant and autonomous creation of customizable oracles. As a result, CrossFi will enhance its blockchain’s capabilities, facilitating the creation of a diverse range of applications including lending and borrowing, synthetic assets, collateralized stablecoins, as well as options and futures trading.

This integration is not just a technical enhancement but a strategic expansion. Partnering with DIA enables the integration of CrossFi native Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) as data sources for the DIA platform, facilitating the creation of oracles for CrossFi native assets and thereby increasing the utility and breadth of use cases for chain-native tokens and assets, which are poised to enable the CrossFi ecosystem to thrive.

The Strategic Edge of DIA's Technology

DIA’s unique approach to data aggregation from CEXs and DEXs offers a robust foundation for the development of complex and useful applications on the CrossFi Chain. Its direct and first-party nature ensures data integrity and transparency, which is vital for the trustless execution of smart contracts. 

Moreover, it allows for seamless customization and adaptation to the specific needs of different DeFi applications on CrossFi, ensuring that developers can innovate without constraints. This flexibility, combined with the highest standards of security, positions DIA as a catalyst for growth and innovation within the CrossFi ecosystem.

“When choosing a pivotal functionality provider like an oracle, the CrossFi team has high standards of security, scalability, transparency and utility. We were blown away by DIA’s technology and developer tools to power our next-gen blockchain capabilities.”
Alexander Mamasidikov headhsot
Alexander Mamasidikov
Founder of Cross Finance

About Cross Finance

Cross Finance is a next-generation digital ecosystem of cutting-edge payment solutions, bridging the worlds of banking and blockchain. CrossFi seamlessly integrates these two pivotal segments of the global economy into a unified ecosystem, offering unparalleled scalability and processing speed of up to 1 million transactions per second through the core of the CrossFi Chain—a modular architecture based on Cosmos Tendermint. The Cross Finance foundation, rooted in Ethermint and Evmos, ensures interoperability between blockchains, transaction anonymity, and the integration of EVM-compatible DApps. The tandem operation of two native coins, MPX and XFI, fortifies CrossFi’s tokenomics foundation, providing users with a seamless and robust financial experience.

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