The DIA DAO: Co-creation and open, decentralised work

DIA has been designed to become a DAO from the start. Following the first steps of decentralized data sourcing and governance, we present the next stage of the DIA DAO.

The DIA DAO: Co-creation and open, decentralised work


  • The DIA DAO is a program that rewards contributions to the DIA mission in various disciplines from operations to development to growth.
  • Members can earn ETH and ‘XP’, which grants additional benefits such as leadership ranks and boosters. Additionally, DIA tokens are an extra layer of reward to enable participation in the DIA DAO governance.
  • The DIA DAO is launching in an alpha phase. We are looking for talent to shape the program early on, take leadership and earn juicy rewards.

What is the DIA DAO and why do we need it?

When DIA launched in 2018, we leveraged a community of incentivised developers to source and validate data. This was only the start — a core part of DIA’s mission is to decentralise the organisation and enable a diversely skilled community of like-minds that self-organises to create value for the project. In short: To become a DAO.

Today we present the next iteration of the DIA DAO: A formal framework to enable the DIA community to support the growth and development of DIA and to earn rewards while doing so. The inception of this ‘Worker DAO’ is a major milestone in the journey to a matured DAO. In this post, we will unbox how we plan to raise and operate DIA’s decentralised workforce.

What is the DIA DAO and why do we need it?

What is the Goal of the DIA DAO?

The answer to that question is pretty straightforward: Create value for DIA’s diverse stakeholders, from token holders to data users to partners and beyond. This is achieved by three subordinate goals:

What is the Goal of the DIA DAO?
  1. Product/platform development: From data sourcing to data validation, to outright development of features and backend infrastructure, this is the heart of the DIA engine and delivers the core value proposition of DIA.
  2. Community ownership and governance: Ownership is the prerequisite for governance participation. Governance in turn is the superstructure that organises and regulates rights, and responsibilities in the DIA DAO as well as the processes and powers to enforce these.
  3. Awareness and engagement: It’s all worth nothing if no one knows about it. Creating exposure, awareness, education, interaction and experiences of success are key to operationalising DIA. This stretches from simple marketing tasks to business development.

Sounds interesting… but what’s in it for me?

The world of work is about to enter another paradigm shift. Things like CVs, 9-to-5 grind, single employer models will be a thing of the past. The new work order is open for all, based on merit, commitment, track record and ownership. We can’t speak for everyone, but to us, this sounds like a truly exciting prospect and being part of this alone is worth it.

Your efforts in this intangible paradigm shift will co-create an essential part of the Web3 economy: Reliable and trustable data infrastructure. It goes without saying that this will be DIA 😉 and that your input will propel the project forward. You will acquire and develop diverse skills, connect with and learn from peers and build your reputation within the Web3 and DAO economy.

OK, OK. But let’s be real: “₩H₳₮’$ I₦ I₮ FOR ₼€??”

Common goals and a higher purpose are what drive us and bring us all together, but we all need to pay rent and our time is a valuable resource. This is why we implement a multi-layered incentive mechanism where contributors earn ETH and “XP”. Additionally, DIA tokens are an extra layer of reward to enable participation in governance and other on-site utilities.

  • Ether: Each completed task will be rewarded with Ether tokens, which gives contributors the most direct financial incentive.
  • XP: Every contribution is also rewarded with XP. XP tracks the value add across contributors (reputation) and enable bonuses and boosters, access to better tasks. They can also be exchanged for $DIA or Ether. But beware — your XP will churn if you don’t stick around ;).
  • DIA Tokens: Co-creating DIA will grant ownership. This is why we grant DIA tokens for specific contributions that create sustainable, long term value. All DIA tokens granted will be locked by default. You’ll be able to stake them to earn a premium or claim them early at a discount. (DIA rewards coming soon)

How will this look in practice?

After signing up in the DIA DAO Discord and doing initial onboarding tasks via Dework, you can immediately start working on real tasks. Upon completion, submit it for evaluation and if the outcome is accepted, you will get rewarded — usually within 14 days. As you earn XP, you will get better rewards and more challenging tasks to work on. We will leverage Dework as the default task management tool.

How will this look in practice?

What’s expected from me?

Your time, your skill and your dedication. While there is a place for loose affiliation and gigsters that have little time and attention to spare, we are looking for entrepreneurial crypto-natives and specialists that want to dive deep and allocate significant time and energy.

The DIA DAO will launch in 6 guilds:

  1. Design: the DAO needs clean, appealing and informative visual assets and videos to spread the message in the ecosystem. DAO Designers will be in charge of designing and executing new layouts.
  2. Growth/Promo: the promo team will be in charge of creating new campaigns to grow the DAO’s reach and attract new members.
  3. Copywriting: as part of the content strategy, copywriters are needed not just to communicate DIA’s new product developments but also to share valuable content for the entire Web3 ecosystem.
  4. Business Development: DAO members will help drive the adoption of DIA’s oracle services by identifying new users and facilitating integrations.
  5. Operations: From onboarding help, Q&A and defining new tasks and value-adding activity to evaluating work and distributing rewards, implementing and managing tools and new processes
  6. Product: Product is so to say the OG of DIA DAO verticals. Since day 1 we’ve been leveraging a developer community to source and validate data. This will be included in the new framework and expanded in terms of scope and processes.

The different roles in the DIA DAO

Sure, flat hierarchies in blockchain are a thing, but too flat and we lose direction, accountability and ownership. So there needs to be some structure. Here’s what we think might work:

  1. Leaders: Experienced contributors who are native to the ecosystem, understand what we are trying to achieve, are entrepreneurial and claim ownership over their tasks. Leaders give the DAO direction, manage processes, develop decisions and facilitate so that the rest can perform.
  2. Ambassadors: In the context of the DIA DAO, Ambassadors take on responsibilities on an ongoing basis. These can range from general promotion to running local language communities to hosting events all over the world.
  3. Contributors: These are the bulk of the community. Members of all walks and strides of life with diverse skillsets, bandwidth, adeptness and ownership. Contributors will work on everything from the most basic of tasks to complex, specialised projects.

Sounds awesome — where do I sign up?

Not so fast… The DIA DAO will be rolled out in a stepwise manner. After onboarding a few first testers, we will now roll out a strongly controlled alpha phase and continue to open up until we reach full-fledged public DAO.

Apply now!

Apply as an Alpha Contributor now to get the benefits of being one of the first to join. You will not only have a significant impact on the development of the DIA DAO, but have a chance to secure a key position and get rewarded handsomely for early participation.

→ Find out more details about the Alpha Phase here.

From anyone participating in the early phases of the DIA DAO, we expect commitment, availability, ownership, constructive input and a natural interest in being a part of the program.

→ Join the DIA DAO Discord, say hi and get onboarded.

→ Explore more bounties in our task tool Dework.

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