Hello CLV: DIA Becomes CLV’s Go-To Oracle Provider.

We are delighted to announce a strategic partnership to become the first and go-to oracle solution for the CLV ecosystem.

Hello CLV: DIA Becomes CLV’s Go-To Oracle Provider.

Introducing CLV

CLV Chain is a Substrate-based specialized Layer 1 chain that is EVM compatible and cross-chain interoperable. Infrastructure made ready for scaling dApps in the multi-chain universe.

CLV leverages the strength of EVM and Polkadot to provide the perfect environment to build the best DeFi applications. Its position as an EVM-compatible blockchain offers seamless multi-chain indexing across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot. CLV offers native developers the opportunity to collaborate and move their work with minimal effort and changes, thus saving them from consuming much time recreating new dApps. Ultimately, CLV aims to be a fundamental infrastructure platform that interconnects people and web3 applications.

DIA's oracle integration on CLV

We are delighted to announce a strategic partnership to become the go-to oracle provider for the CLV ecosystem. With the integration, DIA becomes the first data and oracle solution of the network and will act as a critical layer of the smart contract platform. DIA oracles will enable dApps deployed on the CLV chain to connect to the outside world data in a trustless manner and expand their GameFi, DeFi and NFTFi use cases, including stablecoins, lending & borrowing, randomness and more.

Through this integration with DIA, smart contracts on the CLV Chain receive multi-sourced, verified data feeds. Using DIA’s oracle solution will ensure that the DeFi applications that are created in the CLV ecosystem can always work efficiently and reliably, empowering our vision of creating a better multi-chain future and providing an infrastructure made ready for scaling dApps.
Norelle CLV Founder
Founder of CLV
CLV DIA oracle integration diagram

With DIA’s infrastructure deployment, dApps on CLV’s EVM compatible ecosystem will have access to 6k+ digital asset price feeds, 20k+ traditional asset price feeds, and a range of lending rates, FX rates and other data feeds. This will enable CVL to support a wider range of applications beyond DeFi and across multiple chains, and cater to growing ecosystem demands.

DIA’s unique open-source oracle infrastructure differentiates itself from other Web3 data solutions as it doesn’t rely on third-party data providers. To build the price oracles, DIA crowd-sources trade data at a very granular level directly from off-chain and on-chain sources. DIA’s architecture enables the creation of tailor-made price feeds, fully customizable in computational methodologies, data sources and more. This approach enables DIA to cater to any specific data and asset needs a project might have and also provides users with full transparency about how the data feeds are constructed.

“The substrate ecosystem is rapidly evolving and growing, showing great maturity in its architecture and dApp environment. We are thrilled to support this space by providing the data and oracle layer to enable secure dApp development on the CLV blockchain. We are very excited to start working closely with protocol on the ecosystem and build together.”
Michael Weber DIA Co-Founder
Michael Weber
DIA Co-Founder

The CLV DIA Demo Oracle

Test the DIA demo oracle on the CLV chain by interacting with the following demo oracle smart contact:

Note: DIA Demo Oracle contracts are not intended to be integrated into dApps. DIA deploys dedicated contracts for dApps, please request a dedicated oracle. Learn more about DIA demo oracles on the DIA Documentation.

Need a trusted oracle on the CLV?

Request your custom price feed oracle in the CLV network by getting in touch with DIA’s integration team via Discord or by submitting a Custom Delivery Request on the Forum.

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