Community AMA, July 2024

Here is a recap of the July 2024 Community AMA, a session where the DIA Team answers community questions and suggestions in the DIA Telegram Community Chat.

Community AMA, July 2024

DIA hosted a Telegram AMA session with the core team. This event aims to improve direct communication between DIA and its community by collecting community concerns and suggestions and having the DIA core team answer them.

Below is a recap of the July 2024 Community AMA on July 2nd, 2024. We had Samuel Brack, Co-Founder & CTO, and Dillon Hanson, BD Manager at DIA in this Community AMA. Let’s take a look at what was discussed:

Can you provide an update on DIA’s infrastructure evolution and the current status of new tokenomics?

We have been working diligently behind the scenes to enhance our infrastructure and refine our tokenomics model. This extensive effort involves the entire DIA team working towards delivering a robust and efficient ecosystem for our users and token holders Our focus lies on a robust decentralized system that allows for real contribution by any token holder.

We’ve now finalized the scope of our infrastructure and tokenomics evolution and are ironing out the final details. Excitingly, we already have a working internal proof of concept, which has shown promising results. At the same time, we are preparing a comprehensive overview of the changes, and crafting a marketing plan and BD strategy to adhere to all of these positive enhancements.

Some of the architectural details of the product updates have improved over the past weeks to leverage state-of-the-art scaling solutions that will give us a much more efficient and easily maintainable and flexible approach to data sourcing, computation and delivery, while providing improved trust through decentralization and paving the way for sensible tokenomics.

Given a stable enough market environment, we aim to start publishing detailed deep dives into the ins and outs of the new architecture as well as presenting a go-to-market plan within 6-8 weeks from today. This will unveil how the new system will create value for the various stakeholders, from chains across protocols, node providers, and of course token holders.

What are the key initiatives that the team is working on at the moment?

As previously mentioned, our primary focus is on developing the new infrastructure and refining the tokenomics model. This involves extensive research, planning, and collaboration with external partners, while our developers work on achieving the next milestones for our first public version. These enhancements aim to provide a more robust and efficient ecosystem for our users and create organic demand for the DIA token.

We are also heavily focused on upcoming integrations and partnerships. This includes integrating with new chains and dApps to expand our reach and functionality. Additionally, we are working closely with Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) providers to incorporate our technology into their tech stacks. These collaborations are crucial for enhancing our ecosystem and supporting our long-term vision of providing reliable data to Web3 builders.

Finally, preparing for significant events like EthCC and Infra Gardens, where we aim to showcase our latest developments and engage with the community. These events provide an excellent platform to highlight our progress and future plans.

I watch all the posts on X around new partnerships and information etc which is all wonderful but that adds zero to the value of DIA. What is the deal around that?

While these partnerships and integrations might not have an immediate impact on the DIA token price, they are crucial for expanding our ecosystem and validating our product over the long term. Each new chain integration expands our reach and capabilities to support more dApps with our asset price feeds and oracles. These integrations also generate opportunity for revenue and token utility as we look forward towards the future of DIA’s tokenomics and business model under the upgraded architecture. Over time, and with the implementation of DIA’s upgraded architecture and tokenomics, we are confident these efforts will be reflected in the DIA token value.

To recap, providing data and oracles is our bread and butter. More integrations and partnerships (dApps utilizing our services) mean further validation of DIA products, additional revenue and tokenomics opportunities, and continuous improvement in brand recognition within the oracle sphere. Token prices often don’t reflect these achievements in real-time, but eventually do trigger token growth as well. We believe that with the upcoming tokenomics and infra evolution, we are well-positioned to trigger that growth in the remainder of this year.

Do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

Currently, there is no specific plan for token burns. However, our new tokenomics will enable flexibility for many initiatives for a gradual reduction of DIA tokens in circulation. The strategy will aim to reduce the liquid supply while increasing demand for the token, enhancing its investment attractiveness and overall market value. We are already thinking about initiatives to achieve that, and we are eager to hear community ideas as well in the future. Also, our end-of-year treasury vote allows for any community proposal.

Do you have an audit certificate? “Or” Are you working on auditing to make your project safer and more reliable?

DIA smart contracts along with token contracts have been audited multiple times by reputable firms to ensure security and reliability. Additionally, we maintain an ongoing bug bounty program, open to white hat hackers, to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities. You can find more information about our bug bounty program here.

We will also add a wave of audits to our system upgrade for all critical components.

What is DIA’s plan as regards marketing in this quarter?

Our marketing efforts for this quarter are aligned with our product and tech updates, particularly the new infrastructure and tokenomics. We are preparing a comprehensive campaign that includes blog posts, tutorials, collaborations with key opinion leaders, PR, social media campaigns, and various community initiatives. We aim to educate and engage our audience, highlighting the new infrastructure and use cases it enables. 

Additionally, we will continue hosting regular virtual and in-person events to reach different niches and markets supported by DIA. 

Last but not least, our marketing team together with a few DIA DAO contributors is already working on a new “ultimate” resource, again targeting a very trending and relevant niche within the Web3 space.

Listing on Revolut was great, are more exchange listings being worked on?

Thanks! While we cannot disclose specific ongoing initiatives regarding new token listings, we are in discussions with several exchanges to list DIA in the future. These efforts are part of our strategy to increase accessibility and liquidity for DIA tokens. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements!

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