DIA’s RSS Feed Integration with Price Page

After the successful completion of the DIA airdrop to users and the listing of the DIA token on the exchange, we are delighted to announce that DIA’s news and updates will be made directly available from’s Price Page.

DIA’s RSS Feed Integration with Price Page, one of the major CEXs in the cryptocurrency industry, whose ecosystem consists of a wide range of applications including the App, DeFi WalletDeFi Swap, and many other services, recently listed the DIA token, enabling users to easily trade DIA tokens.’s DIA token page can be found here.

The listing was followed by the exchange’s commitment to distribute the airdrop that DIA issued in response to the 2020 KuCoin hack. The community airdrop will give DIA tokens back to the affected holders. Further details and airdrop eligibility can be found here.

Lastly, has added a new feature to its app to obtain the latest news and updates from DIA directly from the DIA Price Page. users can now stay on top of DIA’s latest updates and developments in addition to accessing the latest DIA price, volume, and market capitalization data.

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