Partnership with Epics

We are delighted to enter into a new collaboration with Epics to provide an off-chain / on-chain automation solution via oracle on Solana to power the decentralized development platform.

Partnership with Epics

Introducing Epics

Epics is a decentralized crowdsourcing platform for incentivizing open-source software development. Clients can set up a GitHub issue as a Quest (Smart Contract). Developers can receive token prizes by solving GitHub issues (Quests). This ecosystem makes developers focus on problems in their expertise. Also, clients will be able to solve more advanced problems.

The more token prizes, the more attention to be solved issues. As a result, open-source software grows faster in quality. Epics solves resource imbalances in software development.

Off-chain/on-chain Automation via Oracles

Epics has built a platform on top of Solana that utilises Github pull requests as a method to track the progress of projects and fund developers. Some examples include tracking if certain work has been submitted or the PR has been closed because it was accepted and completed.

To run the protocol in a trustless and transparent manner, Epics requires real-time data about the state changes of pull requests, delivered on-chain on the Solana network. We are excited to enter a new collaboration with Epics to provide the decentralised development platform with an off-chain/on-chain automation solution via a smart contract oracle.

We are very excited about this collaborative development with DIA. DIA’s customisable and transparent oracle infrastructure enables our Epics platform to operate as a decentralized application by using off-chain / on-chain data in a secure and smooth fashion.

We believe that using off-chain / on-chain data automation correctly can make blockchain technology more useful to society.
Shota Kishi Epics Founder
Shota Kishi
Co-Founder of Epics

How Does It Work?

To successfully fulfil Epics’ needs, DIA built a 2-step automation system:

  1. Off-chain: DIA has created an API endpoint that provides real-time information on the status of the selected pull request. As soon as there is a change in the status of the pull request, the DIA API will trigger an update to the oracle.
  2. On-chain: DIA has deployed a dedicated oracle smart contract on Solana. The oracle is triggered by the API and updates the on-chain status of the pull request with the new information.

The oracle provides the automatic connection between the status of the pull requests (off-chain data) and Epic’s protocol on Solana (on-chain) enabling the smooth operation of the decentralised crowdsourcing development platform.

Arch Epics
We are excited to expand the capabilities of DIA’s customisable and transparent oracle infrastructure to provide off-chain/on-chain automaton capabilities for Epics. We are excited to see the development of the Epics platform, incentivizing open source software development.
Michael Weber DIA Co-Founder
Michael Weber
DIA Association President
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