What is StakeWise?

StakeWise is one of the longest-running liquid staking protocols. Since launching in March 2021, StakeWise has helped thousands of users stake $100+ million in Ether and has consistently provided the highest staking returns due to its unique architecture.
StakeWise is currently undergoing a major protocol upgrade. Due to launch in Q2 2023, StakeWise V3 will introduce a brand-new model for liquid staking that will give users full control of their staking solution, allowing them to liquid stake on their own terms. For example:
  • StakeWise V3 will introduce a new liquid staking token, osETH. With in-built slashing protection, it will be one of the safest liquid staking tokens on the market.
  • Solo stakers will be able to access a liquid staking token whilst staking on their own nodes.
  • Stakers will be able to choose their preferred node operators from an open marketplace, allowing them to create a bespoke staking solution that best suits their needs.
  • White-label liquid staking – any node operator or DApp can launch its own liquid staking solution by leveraging the V3 architecture.
  • The ability to create segregated staking pools will allow regulated capital (institutional and retail) to liquid stake in a highly-regulatory compliant environment.
Updates regarding StakeWise V3 will be distributed via Twitter and on Discord.

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