osETH (previously sETH2)
osETH (previously sETH2)
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osETH (previously sETH2)

What is osETH?

Note: StakeWise is currently undergoing a major protocol upgrade. Due to launch in Q3 2023, StakeWise V3 will introduce a brand-new liquid staking token, osETH. The current liquid staking tokens sETH2 and rETH2 will migrate over to StakeWise V3, for more details on the transition process, please read this article.
Since March 2021, StakeWise has used a dual token model to represent capital held in the staking pool:
  • sETH2 (staking ETH and main liquid staking token) is a token that represents users' deposits in StakeWise Pool in a 1:1 ratio.
  • rETH2 (reward ETH) is a token that represents users' ETH rewards in StakeWise Pool, also in a 1:1 ratio.
This model has allowed StakeWise to provide its stakers with the highest staking yields by removing the capital inefficiencies that existed with single token models. Following the Merge, and as we approach Shanghai, those capital inefficiencies will be removed. Consequently, StakeWise will transition to a single token model when StakeWise V3 is launched.
osETH, the new liquid staking token, will have various features:
  • In-built slashing protection due to its over-collateralised nature.
  • Decentralised, adopting the staking yield from potentially thousands of node operators.
  • Highly liquid and integrated across the DeFi ecosystem.
For more details, check out this article.

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Who is the Issuer of osETH?


osETH DeFi Integrations List

The current sETH2 integrations are as follows. Note, this will be updated to show osETH integrations once the new liquid staking token goes live:

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