tPOKT is a liquid staking solution that allows you to stake any amount of pokt and start earning rewards instantly. tPOKT is an ERC20 token on the polygon network that is backed 1:1 by native pokt staked on nodes.
When tPOKT is minted, ThunderStake stakes the underlying native POKT tokens on POKT nodes, and when rewards accrue on these nodes, Thunderhead will programmatically rebase the tPOKT token, distributing rewards equally to all tPOKT holders every 15 minutes.
The permissionless nature of ERC20s allows you to buy/sell tPOKT on a DEX or participate in other DeFi activities. This means you could sell your tPOKT and circumvent the 21-day unstaking period. Alternatively, at any time, you can burn tPOKT and receive an equal amount of native pokt in 21 days.

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