What is stMATIC?

stMATIC is an ERC20 token that represents the account’s share of the total supply of MATIC tokens inside the Lido-on-Polygon system. It is a non-rebasable token, which means that the amount of tokens in the user’s wallet is not going to change. During the time, the value of this token is changing, since the amount of MATIC tokens inside the protocol is not constant.
Staking with Lido you get stMATIC on the Ethereum network, however, you can also bridge them to the Polygon network via the Polygon PoS bridge or Stakeall Finance. So stMATIC is supported by a variety of DeFi applications across Ethereum and Polygon networks (BalancerCurveBeefyDystopiaKyberQuickswap etc...)

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Who is the Issuer of stMATIC?

stMATIC DeFi Integrations

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