What is tAUDIO?

Each staking protocol (v1, for v2 it will be on a by node basis) on Tenderize will have its own liquid ('tender') token called TenderTokens.
tAUDIO is minted when a user deposits AUDIO, and it can either swapped for instant redemption, wait for the unthawing period, or be utilized on the open market.
tAUDIO follows the ERC-20 token standard with an elastic supply. On top of the usual functionality to read balances or transfer tokens, there is an added logic to control the supply algorithmically.
The supply of tAUDIO will increase as the staking pool earns rewards or slashing occurs (nodes losing a portion of their deposit for deviant behavior).
This change in the supply is also reflected in the respective balances of each token holder.
Due to this mechanism, tAUDIO is a stablecoin redeemable in a 1:1 ratio for its underlying assets.

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