FIS is the native utility token of StaFi protocol, a decentralized finance platform that focuses on liquid staking derivatives. As the primary token of the StaFi ecosystem, FIS plays a crucial role in governing the network, providing staking rewards, and facilitating transactions within the platform.
One of the primary use cases of FIS is for staking on the StaFi network. FIS holders can stake their tokens to participate in network governance and earn staking rewards. The more FIS tokens staked, the greater the voting power and rewards earned. Additionally, FIS is used to pay for transaction fees within the StaFi network.
Another important use case of FIS is its role in network governance. FIS holders can propose and vote on protocol upgrades, changes, and other governance decisions. This ensures that the network evolves in a decentralized manner, and decisions are made based on the consensus of the community.
Overall, FIS is a crucial component of the StaFi ecosystem, providing governance, staking, and transactional functionality to the platform.


  • Additionally, users can bridge FIS from ERC20 over to Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism using their respective official bridges

Token Utility:

  • Governance Token
  • Gas
  • Staking
  • Value Capture


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