rETH is a liquid staking derivative launched by StaFi Protocol, a decentralized protocol that provides liquidity for staked assets. With rETH, users can stake their ETH and receive a one-to-one representation of their staked ETH, known as rETH, which is tradable on secondary markets. This allows users to earn staking rewards on their ETH while also having the flexibility to trade or use their rETH for other purposes such as transfers and DeFi. StaFi Protocol uses a unique token model where users can mint and redeem their staked tokens, creating a fluid staking experience. By unlocking liquidity from staked assets, StaFi Protocol aims to increase the efficiency of staking and provide users with more options for managing their digital assets.

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  • rETH is a Native StaFi Token which users can swap native FIS into ERC20, BEP20, SPL and ICS20 formats with rBridge
  • Additionally, users can bridge rETH from ERC20 over to Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism using their respective official bridges


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