Stader For BNB chain is a trusted liquid staking solution for BNB. Stader lets users earn BNB staking rewards without needing to maintain infrastructure, and enables users to participate in other Defi Strategies while accruing rewards. Stader for BNB chain gives you:
  • Liquidity through tokenization - Users can participate in Defi using the liquid token
  • Ease of staking - User-centric design of Dapp to make staking seamless for users

How does BNB staking on Stader work?

A BNB token holder connects their wallet on the Stader dApp and deposits tokens with our smart contract. They immediately receive the BNBx tokens representing their staked assets. As rewards for staking are added, the value of BNBx increases w.r.t BNB

What is the BNBx exchange rate and how does it change?

The exchange rate represents the total value of the Stake Pool for every BNBX in circulation
Exchange rate=BNBx in circulation/Total BNB in Stake pool
At launch, the BNBx exchange rate is initialized to 1. When rewards are added to the pool, the BNBx:BNB exchange rate will increase.
Exchange rate(after rewards)=Exchange rate(before rewards)+BNBx in circulation Rewards Added

Smart Contracts

Stake Manager Contract

BNBx Token Contract


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