Introducing the Alpha Pools for DIA ART Holders

We are excited to launch the Alpha Pools for DIA ART holders, providing the first utility for early holders of ARTs. DIA ART holders can stake their ARTs to get DIA rewards.

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Introducing the Alpha Pools for DIA ART Holders

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The DIA ARTs were introduced in September 2021, providing users early access to the Genesis ARTs. This pre-release of the ART project enabled users to mint the first 150 ARTs for Metaverse related data feeds.

DIA ART Alpha Pools are live

Today, we are excited to announce that the DIA ART Alpha Pools are open for DIA ART holders. They provide the first utility for early holders of ARTs, minted during the Genesis event in September.

To access the Alpha Pools, ART holders need to lock their ARTs to a smart contract via the interface. Users will be able to unlock the ARTs at any time and claim the reward. The claimable share will vary depending on the rank of the ART they hold as well as the number of ARTs participating.

The Alpha Pools will have an allocation of 100k DIA that will be distributed among DIA ART holders over approximately one year. Each block receives the same allocation and within each block, the rewards are distributed according to rank and number of ARTs staked.

Efficient transactions with Arbitrum

Given the current high network fees on Ethereum, the interface is leveraging the scaling layer 2 network Arbitrum for faster and cost-efficient transactions. Users will migrate and stake the ARTs on Arbitrum, where the multiple background transactions needed for staking will be executed efficiently.

To improve the user experience, DIA will cover the costs of bridging the ARTs as well as the costs of staking/unstaking for the first time. To execute this, the interface will automatically calculate and airdrop the needed ARETH tokens to the user’s wallet.

Get Started

Visit the link below and follow along the following tutorial video:

DIA ARTs Staking | Alpha Pools for ART Holders

Once you are done staking, simply hit the unstake button on the Arbitrum Network and you will receive your DIA tokens on your Metamask Wallet, on the Arbitrum Network.

If you would like to transfer your DIA tokens back to the Ethereum network, you can use dApps like AnySwap. DIA token bridge by AnySwap will be ready in the coming days.

Got questions?

Visit the DIA ARTs FAQ below:

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