DIA, the Metaverse Oracle — NFT Drop (ARTs)

DIA is creating the data infrastructure to enable a harmonised, interconnected metaverse. With the launch of ARTs – utility-NFTs that act as unique keys to access the metadata of relevant NFT ecosystems we create a foundation for interoperability and portability in an open metaverse.

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DIA, the Metaverse Oracle — NFT Drop (ARTs)


DIA is a decentralised oracle provider, providing the rails to power DApps by collecting, sanitising and distributing diverse financial data from on-chain and off-chain sources to a range of L1 and L2 protocols, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot and Near Protocol, among others.

DIA is taking the next step in decentralising its data provision infrastructure and providing a core building block to enable an interconnected metaverse, specifically portability and connectivity of different, currently disconnected ecosystems including Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Cryptovoxels and more. A connectivity layer enables the value transfer across different ecosystems, to enable a whole new ecosystem of intra metaverse applications and innovation.

The Interconnected Metaverse

DIA believes in a future where different ecosystems ranging from virtual worlds (e.g. Decentraland) across gaming environments (e.g. Axie Infinity) to disconnected high-value collectible assets (e.g. Crypto Punks) are connected through a user-controlled, transparent, open-source data layer. The foundation for the interoperability of such ecosystems is permissionless portability of data and information that will be enabled through an operating layer provided by the DIA platform.

The Interconnected Metaverse DIA ARTs Oracle

In order to create portability, data will need to be exchanged among these ecosystems in a standardised and open format. DIA ensures access to this data via special NFTs, DIA ARTs, that function as a data right to port i.e. Decentraland data relating to a land plot or an avatar and use it in a different ecosystem such as Axie Infinity or applications (e.g. lending of a metaverse asset such as a wearable, providing it as collateral or creating funds), as well as use DIA ARTs for a range of broader licensing applications.

DIA Metaverse ARTs // Genesis Drop

DIA is preparing the first DIA ARTs drop, where ARTs for data from the 15 of the most relevant NFT and metaverse projects can be minted. For each project, investors can mint one of 10 limited edition ARTs across 4 ranks.

DIA ARTs DIA Metaverse ARTs :: Genesis Drop

Minting an ART requires contributing 100 DIA to the ART minting smart contract. All DIA posted in the minting process are collected in a pool, of which ART holders can claim 30%. In order to incentivise the minting of ARTs and thus the sourcing of new data feeds, ten strictly limited edition NFTs can be minted for each data feed. These ten ARTs are limited in number, feature unique artwork and are also entitled to higher access to the pools than subsequently minted ARTs.

Refer to this piece to dive deeper into the mechanics of ART pools.

Update, 8 September: All Genesis DIA ARTs have been minted and are now available on the secondary market. You can find them on OpenSea.

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