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What is Zcash (ZEC)?

Zcash (ZEC) is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that provides users with the option to conduct shielded transactions, which hide the sender, recipient, and transaction amount. It was launched in 2016 by a team of developers led by Zooko Wilcox, and the company behind its development is the Electric Coin Company. The name "Zcash" is derived from the concept of "zero-knowledge proofs," a cryptographic method used to ensure privacy and security in transactions. Zcash operates on its own blockchain and aims to enhance financial privacy in the digital world.

How does Zcash work?

Zcash is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that operates on a blockchain. It utilizes cutting-edge cryptographic technology to ensure that transactions are shielded and completely confidential.

The underlying technology behind Zcash is called zero-knowledge proofs, specifically zk-SNARKs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge). This technology allows transactions to be verified and validated without revealing any sensitive information. By using zk-SNARKs, Zcash ensures that transaction values, sender addresses, and recipient addresses remain hidden. This provides users with enhanced privacy and confidentiality compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Zcash operates on its own blockchain, which is based on the Bitcoin protocol. The Zcash blockchain maintains a public ledger of transactions while also ensuring the privacy of its users. It achieves this by implementing two types of addresses: transparent addresses, which function similarly to Bitcoin addresses, and shielded addresses, which use zk-SNARKs to hide transaction details.

When a transaction occurs on the Zcash network, users can choose to send funds from a transparent address to another transparent address or to a shielded address. Shielded transactions utilize zk-SNARKs to ensure privacy and confidentiality. These shielded transactions are stored on the blockchain alongside transparent transactions, making the ledger auditable while still maintaining user privacy.

In summary, Zcash utilizes zero-knowledge proofs called zk-SNARKs to provide privacy and confidentiality to its users. It operates on its own blockchain, which incorporates both transparent and shielded addresses. The result is a cryptocurrency that prioritizes user privacy while still maintaining the security and integrity of the blockchain.

What are the benefits of Zcash?

Zcash is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that offers several benefits compared to its direct competitors. One of its key advantages is enhanced privacy and anonymity. Zcash enables users to perform transactions with shielded addresses, which are not visible on the public blockchain. This feature provides a higher level of privacy by keeping the transaction details, such as the sender, recipient, and amount, confidential.

Compared to Bitcoin, Zcash offers an alternative choice for individuals seeking stronger privacy protections. While Bitcoin transactions are public and traceable, Zcash empowers users with the option to shield their transactions and keep their financial information private.

Another benefit of Zcash is its selective transparency feature. Users can choose to disclose specific transaction details, allowing for regulatory compliance while still maintaining privacy. This capability makes Zcash suitable for various use cases, including those that require transparent auditing or regulatory oversight.

Zcash also distinguishes itself from other privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies, such as Monero, through its use of zero-knowledge proofs known as zk-SNARKs. These proofs enable the verification of transaction validity without revealing sensitive information, offering a balance between privacy and auditability.

In summary, Zcash's benefits compared to its direct competitors lie in its advanced privacy features, selective transparency, and the use of zk-SNARKs for secure verification. These capabilities make Zcash a preferred choice for individuals and organizations seeking privacy, while still maintaining regulatory compliance when needed.

What is Zcash used for?

Zcash is a cryptocurrency that was designed to provide enhanced privacy and security features compared to other digital currencies like Bitcoin. It uses advanced cryptographic techniques to enable users to make transactions with full privacy, shielding both the sender's and receiver's addresses, as well as the transaction amount, from prying eyes.

One common use case for Zcash is in situations where privacy is essential. For example, individuals and businesses that wish to keep their financial transactions confidential may opt to use Zcash. This includes activities such as financial transactions between two parties who want to remain anonymous, protecting sensitive business information, or simply safeguarding personal financial data from potential surveillance.

Another specific use case for Zcash is in the realm of philanthropy or charitable donations. Cryptocurrencies, including Zcash, can enable donors to contribute to causes they care about while maintaining their privacy. This is particularly relevant in situations where individuals or organizations may face potential risks or stigmatization related to their philanthropic activities. The ability to make anonymous donations using Zcash can provide a level of protection and confidentiality that traditional payment methods lack.

Overall, Zcash's primary purpose lies in its ability to offer enhanced privacy features when conducting financial transactions. Whether it's for personal financial privacy, protecting business information, or contributing to charitable causes anonymously, Zcash provides a secure and private alternative to traditional digital currencies.

What is DIA's Zcash API?

DIA's Zcash API is part of their larger API endpoints that provide real-time price feeds of various crypto assets. These price feeds are created by aggregating raw data from over 85 on-chain and off-chain cryptocurrency and NFT exchanges, ensuring comprehensive coverage. DIA stands out by offering what other web3 data providers cannot.

In terms of accessibility, DIA offers free API endpoints for developers to test and experiment with. These free endpoints can be found on the asset's detail page within the DIA App. They are made public purely for informational purposes and are presented in a standardized format, making them easy to integrate into projects.

However, DIA's greatest value lies in their ability to create custom API feeds tailored to specific user needs. When a user requires a dedicated configuration for a feed, DIA builds a custom API price feed, allowing users to customize the sources, methodologies, update mechanisms, and more. To request a custom feed, users can reach out to DIA through Discord or Telegram.

These custom feeds offer enhanced flexibility, ensuring that users can access the precise data they need for their applications. This capability sets DIA apart and makes them a valuable resource for developers and businesses within the blockchain ecosystem.

DIA's API endpoints have a wide range of use cases across the blockchain ecosystem. In the DeFi space, they can be utilized for derivatives, options and futures, lending and borrowing markets, collateralized stablecoins, synthetic asset issuance, money markets, and more. Additionally, in the NFTfi sector, the API can be used for peer-to-pool NFT lending and borrowing, on-chain NFT derivatives, NFT renting, NFT fractionalization, and other applications.

Overall, DIA's API offerings provide invaluable access to real-time price data, empowering developers to build innovative blockchain applications and services.

What is DIA's Zcash price oracle?

DIA's Zcash price oracle is a smart contract that provides real-time price feeds for cryptocurrencies like Zcash. DIA sets itself apart by offering a wide range of integrated networks, with the ability to deploy price oracles on over 35 layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains. These oracles are constructed using raw data from over 85 on-chain and off-chain exchanges, resulting in highly accurate and reliable price information.

While DIA does offer demo oracles for developers to test, these are strictly for testing purposes and cannot be used in production applications. However, DIA also provides the option for users to request custom configuration for their price feeds. These custom oracles can be tailored to specific needs, including sources, methodologies, and update mechanisms. To request a custom feed, users can reach out to DIA through Discord or Telegram.

DIA's price oracles have a wide range of use cases within the blockchain ecosystem. In the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), they can be used for derivatives, options and futures, lending and borrowing markets, collateralized stablecoins, synthetic asset issuance, money markets, and more. Additionally, in NFTfi applications, DIA's oracles can facilitate peer-to-pool NFT lending and borrowing, on-chain NFT derivatives, NFT renting, NFT fractionalization, and various other use cases.

A blockchain oracle is an external provider of verified data that supplies information to smart contracts from outside the blockchain. Oracles play a crucial role in bringing real-world data onto the blockchain, enabling smart contracts to interact with and respond to external events. DIA's custom oracles offer users flexibility and customization in accessing accurate price feeds for their specific needs, making them a valuable tool within the blockchain ecosystem.

To learn more about DIA's oracles and explore their documentation, visit their website at (https://docs.diadata.org/).

Why use DIA's ZEC API & price oracle?

DIA's ZEC API & Price Oracle offer a plethora of benefits for blockchain ecosystem users. By leveraging DIA's technology, users gain access to precise and trustworthy price data for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The key advantage of using DIA's API or Price Oracle for ZEC is the high level of customization available. Each oracle and API endpoint can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of decentralized applications, including configuration settings such as data sources, data cleaning filters, pricing methodologies, and update mechanisms. This customization ensures robustness and resilience to market conditions, enabling global market and individual or cross-chain price points.

Moreover, DIA's API and Oracle feeds provide transparency throughout the entire data journey. Users can observe the complete and granular transparency offered by DIA's technology. Additionally, DIA offers monitoring and tracking tools to closely monitor its oracle and API feeds. This transparency ensures trust and built-in accountability, empowering users to make informed decisions based on reliable information.

Overall, DIA's ZEC API & Price Oracle allows users to access accurate and customizable price data, providing tailored solutions for diverse needs. The transparency and monitoring tools offered by DIA further enhance user trust and confidence in the data provided. By utilizing DIA's technology, users can navigate the blockchain ecosystem with greater confidence and accuracy.

Why use DIA data feeds and oracles?

DIA provides full insight on the oracle’s data journey as well monitoring tools to track feeds in real-time.
Oracles can be tailored to any use case in terms of data sources, methodologies and update mechanisms and much more.
Broadest coverage
DIA provides price oracles for 3,000+ cryptocurrencies: from blue-chip tokens to long-tail assets.