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What is UnikoinGold (UKG)?

UnikoinGold (UKG) is a cryptocurrency and digital utility token. It was created to facilitate esports betting and gaming transactions on the Unikrn platform. Unikrn, founded by Rahul Sood in 2014, is a company that focuses on the intersection of blockchain technology and gaming. The name UnikoinGold combines "Unikrn" with "Gold" to represent its value and relevance in the gaming industry. UKG was introduced in 2017 as a way to enhance the gaming experience and provide a secure and transparent payment system for esports enthusiasts.

How does UnikoinGold work?

UnikoinGold (UKG) is a cryptocurrency designed for the esports and gaming industry. It aims to provide a decentralized ecosystem for players, teams, and organizers to engage in secure and transparent transactions.

UnikoinGold operates on the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing smart contracts for its functioning. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts that automatically execute predefined rules and conditions. These contracts enable UnikoinGold to facilitate various actions within the gaming ecosystem, such as creating and distributing tokens, powering reward systems, and conducting token-based transactions.

The underlying technology behind UnikoinGold is blockchain, a decentralized and immutable ledger that ensures transparency and security. Blockchain technology records all transactions and interactions on a distributed network of computers, making it extremely difficult to manipulate or tamper with data.

UnikoinGold leverages this technology to enable secure and trustless transactions between players, teams, and organizers. It eliminates the need for intermediaries, reduces transaction costs, and provides transparency in the gaming ecosystem. Users can earn UnikoinGold tokens through participating in esports events, completing challenges, or by purchasing them on cryptocurrency exchanges.

These tokens can be used to bet on esports matches, participate in tournaments, purchase in-game items, and access exclusive content. Additionally, the platform incorporates features such as social integration, leaderboards, and community engagement to enhance the overall gaming experience.

In summary, UnikoinGold utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to create a decentralized ecosystem for the esports and gaming industry. This platform enables secure and transparent transactions, provides rewards for participation, and enhances engagement within the gaming community.

What are the benefits of UnikoinGold?

UnikoinGold (UKG) is a blockchain-based digital asset designed for the esports and gaming industries. It offers several benefits that differentiate it from its direct competitors, such as Chiliz (CHZ) and Enjin Coin (ENJ).

One of the key benefits of UnikoinGold is its ability to enhance user engagement and loyalty within the esports and gaming ecosystem. It does this by providing a universal currency that can be used across multiple platforms and games. This means that users can earn and spend UKG on various gaming-related activities, including wagering on esports matches, purchasing in-game items, and participating in tournaments. This feature sets UnikoinGold apart from its competitors, as it offers a more versatile and flexible utility for users.

Additionally, UnikoinGold leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security. It utilizes smart contracts to facilitate transactions and maintain a verifiable record of all activities on the network. This level of transparency ensures fair gameplay and eliminates the risk of fraud or manipulation. In comparison, its competitors may not provide the same level of transparency or have their own unique approach to security.

Moreover, UnikoinGold aims to establish partnerships with major esports organizations and teams, enabling users to access exclusive events and experiences. This strategic positioning sets it apart from its direct competitors and provides added value to its user base.

Overall, UnikoinGold offers a unique combination of universal currency, transparency, and strategic partnerships that distinguish it from its competitors in the esports and gaming industries.

What is UnikoinGold used for?

UnikoinGold (UKG) is a cryptocurrency token used within the esports and gaming industry. It was created by Unikrn, a leading esports betting platform. UKG serves several purposes within the Unikrn ecosystem, including facilitating transactions, rewarding user activity, and providing access to exclusive features and benefits.

One common use case for UnikoinGold is as a medium of exchange on the Unikrn platform. Users can use UKG to place bets on esports matches, participate in gaming tournaments, and purchase virtual goods and merchandise. By using UKG, users can enjoy faster and more secure transactions compared to traditional payment methods.

Additionally, UnikoinGold serves as a reward mechanism for engaging in activities on the Unikrn platform. Users can earn UKG by participating in esports betting, completing gaming challenges, referring friends, and demonstrating high levels of user activity. These earned tokens can then be redeemed for various rewards such as exclusive content, merchandise, and even event tickets.

Another notable use case for UnikoinGold is as a utility token for access to exclusive features and benefits within the Unikrn ecosystem. Holders of UKG can gain access to premium betting options, enhanced odds, and personalized betting experiences. This creates a sense of loyalty and incentivizes users to hold and use UKG within the platform.

In summary, UnikoinGold is primarily used within the esports and gaming industry as a means of transaction, reward, and access to exclusive features. It provides users with a seamless and secure way to engage in esports betting, participate in gaming activities, and unlock unique benefits within the Unikrn ecosystem.

What is DIA's UnikoinGold API?

DIA's UnikoinGold API is a part of DIA's API endpoints that provide real-time price feeds of crypto assets. These price feeds are generated by sourcing data from over 85 on-chain and off-chain cryptocurrency and NFT exchanges, aggregating information from billions of individual trades. The UnikoinGold API is just one example of the extensive data coverage offered by DIA.

DIA offers free API endpoints for developers to test and explore. These free endpoints can be accessed on the asset's detail page in the DIA App. They come in a standardized format and are publicly available for informational purposes.

However, DIA also offers a more powerful feature: custom API feeds. With these custom feeds, users can tailor the configuration according to their specific needs. This includes selecting sources, methodologies, update mechanisms, and more. Requests for custom feeds can be made through Discord or Telegram.

The importance of custom feeds lies in their flexibility and scalability. By providing users with the ability to customize their data feeds, DIA allows for more precise and tailored integration within different blockchain applications. Custom feeds can be particularly useful in various DeFi applications like derivatives, options and futures, lending and borrowing markets, collateralized stablecoins, synthetic asset issuance, money markets, and more. In the NFT space, custom feeds can enable functionalities such as peer-to-pool NFT lending and borrowing, on-chain NFT derivatives, NFT renting, NFT fractionalization, and much more.

In summary, while DIA offers free API endpoints for testing, the true value lies in the customizability and flexibility of their feeds, allowing users to access and utilize data in a way that best suits their specific needs.

What is DIA's UnikoinGold price oracle?

DIA's UnikoinGold price oracle is a smart contract that provides real-time price feeds for various crypto assets. DIA differentiates itself by offering a wide range of integration capabilities, as it can deploy price oracles on more than 35 layer 1 and layer 2 networks. The price feeds generated by DIA are constructed using data from over 85 cryptocurrency and NFT exchanges, including billions of individual trades. This comprehensive approach allows DIA to deliver valuable insights that other web3 data providers may not provide.

While DIA offers demo oracles for testing purposes, these cannot be integrated into production applications. However, DIA also offers custom configuration options for users who need dedicated price feed oracles. These custom feeds can be tailored based on specific requirements, such as sources, methodologies, and update mechanisms. To request a custom feed, users can reach out to DIA through Discord or Telegram.

DIA's price oracles have numerous use cases within the blockchain ecosystem. They can be utilized in various DeFi applications, including derivatives, options and futures, lending and borrowing markets, collateralized stablecoins, synthetic asset issuance, money markets, and more. Additionally, DIA's price oracles can be applied to NFTfi use cases, such as peer-to-pool NFT lending and borrowing, on-chain NFT derivatives, NFT renting, NFT fractionalization, and others.

In the context of blockchain technology, an oracle is an external information provider that supplies verified data to smart contracts from outside the blockchain. Oracles play a crucial role in bridging the gap between blockchain networks and real-world data sources, enabling smart contracts to access and utilize real-time and accurate information.

Why use DIA's UKG API & price oracle?

DIA's UKG API and Price Oracle offer numerous advantages for users in the blockchain ecosystem. By utilizing DIA's technology, users gain access to accurate and reliable price data for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The primary benefit of using DIA's API or Price Oracle for the specified token lies in its high level of customization. Each oracle and API endpoint can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of decentralized applications.

This customization includes configuration settings such as selecting data sources for the feed, applying data cleaning filters and pricing methodologies, as well as determining the update mechanisms and frequency of the feed. By allowing users to customize these settings, DIA ensures the resilience and robustness of the data and oracle, which is crucial for providing accurate market prices, whether for a global market or specific individual or cross-chain markets.

Moreover, DIA's API and Oracle feeds offer a remarkable level of transparency. Users can expect full and granular transparency throughout the entire data journey. Furthermore, DIA provides various tracking and monitoring tools to closely monitor its oracle and API feeds.

In conclusion, the benefits of using DIA's UKG API and Price Oracle encompass customization options tailored to individual needs, robustness and resilience to market conditions, global or specific market pricing, and a high level of transparency backed by effective tracking and monitoring tools.

Why use DIA data feeds and oracles?

DIA provides full insight on the oracle’s data journey as well monitoring tools to track feeds in real-time.
Oracles can be tailored to any use case in terms of data sources, methodologies and update mechanisms and much more.
Broadest coverage
DIA provides price oracles for 3,000+ cryptocurrencies: from blue-chip tokens to long-tail assets.